Do you want to select some home theater speaker, then this article will go some way to helping you with your selection. The speakers that I’m looking into are made by a company called Accusound Australia Pty Ltd they are Australian company and they make 5.1 or 7.1 surround speakers. I am writing this review to share my experience with the quality and the set up of these accusound speakers. Some of the points that I will cover are how well do they look, also how well do they sound and how easy they are to set-up the speakers.

Accusound Speakers

The accusound review will be of the 2009 model signature series reference 8.5 speakers. these speakers consist of two front main speakers two rear speakers a center speaker and a Sub woofer, or a LFE “low frequency effect” as my Yamaha RXV663 amp calls it. I was on a very tight budget so these speakers came at a bargain price I wasn’t expecting too much the way of audiophile performance. I was however looking to have a relatively good sound experience for when I was listening to music  I was impressed by the claim from the manufacturers that all the speakers in this package were completely tone matched. the front speakers are the main speakers each tower comes with 2x 200mm bass drivers also it comes with a mid range 150mm driver and a 25mm elliptical soft done tweeter. the center speaker comprises of 2x165mm drivers and also a 25mm elliptical soft dome tweeter this gives excellent bass response also Clear vocals and crisp highs. the rear speakers have 165 mm bass driver and a 25 mm elliptical soft dome tweeter identical to the main in the center speakers. the subwoofer is designed to use the 300 mm long throw high-power Sub bass driver it also has a built-in 200W amplifier with volume and phase and frequency adjustments, so these are the components that come in the package that will make up your sound system.

Before I get into the guts of un-boxing and setting up my speakers want to make mention of the guys at Audio Australia who have the exclusive on the signature series accusound speakers. I was very impressed with the speed of communication from them, I fired of an e-mail question and within hours I get a detailed response, I am not sure about you but it makes me feel more comfortable to buy from these guys when I get that kind of speedy response.

These are one of the best deals around for the price, though i wouldn’t class myself as a hi-fi guru or a audiophile but I do know what I like and take time out to make comparisons of similar products before I part with my hard earned. My Home Theater Setup consisted of my Panasonic 50inch Plasma and XBOX as my media center and DVD player, and a Yamaha RXV 663 Receiver, and now the Accusound Reference series 8.5. These speaker really look the part meaning that they don’t look cheap, I was impressed with the build quality of the cabinets and the finish was overall very good. I must mention that the ones I bought did state that they are box damaged and this was true as the box for the sub woofer did have a big dent in it. Holding my breath I took the sub out of the damaged box and yes did find a small dent in the cabinet I was devastated for the first half hour then I got over it. Looking at the speaker terminals they were nice and big and will accept the now standard banana plug, the accusound cables I decided on was the 12 gauge.

Well how do they sound? Not having a Blue Ray Player as yet ( its on my list though ) I  call up my son and asked him to come over and check out my new 5.1 speakers and by the way bring your Play station 3 and your blue ray disks with you. Setting up the PS3 is dead simple just plug the HDMI cable into the amp and your done. We decided to watch Resident Evil 3 as this movie has got the uncompressed audio on it and my Yamaha RXV 663 will happily decode that, we sat though the whole movie marveling at the added sound effects that we missed or didn’t hear before, the bit were Alice takes out all the crows was absolutely stunning, great rumble from the sub woofer also the fronts themselves generate a fair amount of bass effect and great effect from the rears and the center. The manual says that the speakers need to have a burn in time and indeed I have found this to true the sound does seem to be a bit more richer more so listening to music than movies. The fronts are capable of being bi-amped and my RXV643 is capable of this configuration but as yet I haven’t got around to doing this but I will.

In conclusion, would I recommend these to anyone else?, yes I would, and have, my son likes the sound of the accusound speakers and the price is great so he is keen on getting a setup soon. You are getting a good quality product for a really great price. I like to buy the odd gadget every now and again and I must say that these Signature Series Reference 8.5 Speakers give me a fantastic bang for my buck ask my neighbors.

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  1. Hi, I recommend to anyone buying speakers to listen to them first.
    I bought a set of accusound bookshelf 8.3’s off eBay. They’re similar to your 8.5 fronts but with a single woofer.
    They don’t sound great, in fact a pair of ALDI bookshelfs (yes ALDI!) sound better. For my taste they lack high end, sounds like someones turned down the treble.
    Certainly these speakers are in the same class as dream/ steinmen, if you’re in the market for some big boxes then i recommend to buy whatever is cheapest out of dream,accusound,steinman & don’t expect pleasant sound.

  2. Many of us here in Sydney have purchase Accusound 8.5 5.1 systems. We still can’t belive how these guys do it??? The value for money is unbeleivable. Craig, you are miles off the mark here. Accusound never made an 8.3 bookshelf speaker. I rang and spoke with Alan Henning (director of Accusound Australia). You are refering to an older model 6″ 2way REAR speaker. I can also confirm this becuase I have a set of the 8.3’s in my kids play room.

    This rear speaker you are refering to was designed for that purpose only. It was never designed to be compared with a front/main speaker.

    How can you compare it to an 8.5 main speaker with 2 x 8″ bass Drivers + 1 x 5″ mid-bass driver + 1 x 1″ Soft-dome Tweeter?

    I think you’re just here to bag a product that is in compettion to something you may (or may not) be involved in selling??? Hey???

    Anyway, just thought I would throw in my 2 bob’s worth and defend a product that me and my mates are very happy with.


  3. I bought a set of these speakers off eBay at the ‘box damaged’ price.

    The damage was to the boxes only and superficial.

    The speakers themselves:
    I was a little dissapointed when I first unpacked them, as they were very light for thier size – which meant to me that they had limited quality and not much dampening (usually associated with nice thick heavy construction speakers).

    Once plugged in I was even more dissapointed – they were thin, unbalanced, and pretty crappy sounding all round. I did buy them as a short term solution while I set up my theatre room and sorted out exactly what I wanted, so I didnt expect miracles, but I did think ‘I have just wasted $700.

    But now having run them in for the last 6 months, I can honestly say they are getting better. They are becomming warmer and more precise, they have a decent amount of detail, and they have grown on me to the extent that I am no longer considering setting fire to them.

    I have heard many worse systems that cost up to 3 times as much. They did take a VERY long time to burn in though, so if you do buy these speakers, dont judge them to harshly for the first 3 months (at least) of constant use.

    They will never be my long term solution (I’m pretty sure Krix will help me out there). But lets face it – $700 delivered isnt too bad at all for what you get. However the ‘full’ price of $2499 must be a joke. If you actually paid this much for them, then I am very sorry for you, you have been ripped off – there are significantly better systems out there you can get for $2.5 – 3k

    If you are not an Audiophile or a Home Theatre buff with a dedicated HT room, then you will probably be happy with them and the $700 asking price.

  4. Hi guys,

    My mate has a set of Accusound and I thought they sounded great, so much that I’m considering trading in my Klipsch Quintet III paired with a Klipsch 10″ 200w down firing Sub, I would probably then go for the new Accusound Reference 8.6XD hooked up to my Denon AVR591 HD amp.

    I just can’t help thinking that it could be making a very bad mistake?

  5. They do improve in sound quality over time, the sound I get from mine now is a lot more richer than when I first set them up.

    I do enjoy listening to my music collection from my iPhone more and more. you will not be disappointed.

  6. Music from iPhone is a good example of what to expect from these speakers.

    Music from a Valve Amplifier feed from a high end CD Player then I would listen and take note of that advise.

    I’ll would have gone for a $99 Logitech x540 Computer Speakers for the iPhone

    Can someone open up the back and show what speakers are inside the box, the crossover network, and the type of damping material used. Photos are worth a million words.

    Also –
    There’s no mention of the 8.6 series O_o!

    no hard feelings – right 😉

  7. I have owned a 7.1 “with better than THX Specs” from Accusound’s Top of the line range of speakers for a few years now..

    And I have to say I am very pleased with the remarks I always receive from my guests after experiencing a movie, thats right experiencing!

    Remarks are mostly on how amazingly real the sound sounded and felt, so if you are still looking, make sure you get Accusounds top end Sub Woofer as well. the one that pumps out 350 watts RMS down to a lowly 18 Hz! – if you really want to shake your whole neighborhoods Homes about – You wont regret it!..

    Mind you I use the DTS or THX setting for all my movies played..

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